BREAKING : Kwara United FC Faces Twitter Backlash Over Poor Quality Pictures, Netizens Demand Improved Media Content


Kwara United Football Club of Ilorin , a prominent football club found themselves in the crosshairs of social media criticism as netizens took to Twitter to express their frustration over the club’s poor quality pictures.

Just Event Online Reports, Fans and followers of the team flooded the platform with disapproval, demanding improved media content to better showcase their favorite club.

In an age where visually captivating content holds significant importance in engaging fans and attracting potential supporters, Kwara United FC’s lackluster approach to photography has raised eyebrows across social media platforms. A barrage of comments and posts surfaced online, condemning the club for their seemingly indifferent attitude towards upgrading their media presence.

The club’s official Twitter handle has became the focal point of the backlash, as users expressed their disappointment in the grainy and low-resolution images shared by the team.

Fans emphasized that modern football demands top-notch media content, and the current visuals failed to reflect the club’s stature and achievements on the field.

As the calls continue the management of Kwara United yet to respond or take down the low resolution images from their official page

As at the time of filing this report effort made by Just Event Online to get reaction from Chairman of Kwara United FC , Kunbi Titiloye proved abortive as his numbers not going through

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