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Birthday : Oluomo of Erin-Ile Land, Chief Samuel Alabi is a unifying force in Oyun LG – Kwara Deputy Speaker Rt Hon Ojo

A joyous occasion unfolded in Kwara as the Deputy Speaker of the State House of Assembly, Hon Ojo Olatiwola, celebrated Chief Samuel Alabi, the Oluomo of Erin-Ile land.

This birthday celebration not only marks a special day for Chief Samuel but also highlights his significant role as the Chairman of the APC campaign council for Oyun Local Government in the upcoming 2023 general election.

In press release obtained by JUST EVENT ONLINE,

Deputy Speaker, Rt Hon Ojo described Chief Samuel Alabi, as a distinguished and respected leader in Oyun Local Government, who has been a prominent figure in the political landscape of Kwara State. As the Chairman of the APC campaign council for Oyun LG, his leadership and strategic guidance are crucial for the region.

Hon Ojo Olatiwola, in his address, stated, “Chief Samuel Alabi is not only a leader but a unifying force within Oyun Local Government. His commitment to the development of our community and his dedication to the APC cause are truly commendable. Today, we celebrate his life, his leadership, and his vision for a better Kwara.”

The Deputy Speaker, Hon Ojo Olatiwola, took this opportunity to commend Chief Samuel’s unwavering dedication to the community and his tireless efforts to strengthen the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the local government. He emphasized that Chief Samuel’s leadership qualities have been instrumental in fostering unity and mobilizing support for the party.

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