Birthday: Family holds special prayer for PDP House of Reps Candidate, Muhammad Ajia in Kwara


A special thanksgiving prayer was on Sunday held to celebrate the birthday of People’s Democratic Party House of Representatives Candidate, Hon Muhammad Ajia Ibrahim by members of his family in Ilorin, Kwara State, Capital

The prayer, which was led by the Chief Imam of Ilorin, Dr Muhammad Bashir Solihu OON, took place at Ajia Ogbonde Mosque, Ilorin West local government area of Kwara State.

Dr Solihu OON, who read some portions of the Holy Quran, later offered prayers for more years on earth, success and Allah’s protection for Muhammad Ajia

Chief Imam of Ilorin commended the Ajia family members for organising the programme and for continued support for their prominent son

He urged creme de la creme present at the prayer to emulate PDP Reps Candidate, Muhammad Ajia and prioritise their family members too, this event symbolises how he took his family

The cleric implored everyone present to uphold the pillars of Islam and form the habit of reading the Qur’an always and meditating on its message to guide their ways

Speaking at the prayer PDP Reps Candidate, Muhammad Ajia

“We all know it is a tradition in my family house to organise special prayer for me on my birthday, and today I feel special because, every Mallam, every sheikh and traditional leaders in Ilorin West and Asa joyfully local governments gathered here today, it is a sign of acceptance, love and for this, I am extremely happy and thanked everyone who graced this event.

“I especially thank the Emir of Ilorin who sent all the Imams led by the chief imam of Ilorin, Imam Imale, Imam Gambari, all the chiefs and Sheikhs. It is a special day for us in Ajia Ogbonde, this meant a lot to us. The massive turnout across the political parties is proof that our party is well loved, and accepted, we are assuring Kwarans that we are prepared and ready to give the best representation they deserved.

“Moving forward to the 2023 general election, I urged all Nigerians to think deep and see where we are coming from and where we are today. Life is now meaningless under the APC government. We need to decide on the right thing to do. We all knew what Nigeria was when PDP was ruling.

“We all knew the rate of the dollars before they took over the power, how much was a bag of rice then, how much was garri and other foodstuffs, today what is the cost of rice and another foodstuff, and what is the level of insecurity, can we travel by road with rest of mind? The answer is no.

“We have all seen where we found ourselves. I want to urge everybody that it’s not just by feeling the pain, we must all be ready to send out these bad leaders that brought us into this mess. We must send them out in totality. Don’t allow them to hide under the disguise of sharing money, APC is APC from beginning to end there is nothing good about them everything they can offer is what we are getting now.

“I want to urge Kwarans and Nigerians again, to think about those that go to the bed on daily basis without food, those who are sick and can not get good medical care, think about these and support our party, PDP, we have done it before and we will do it again.

“I urge Nigerians to support us from the presidency up to the Assembly level and by the grace of God we will not let you down, the best is about to come, we can unite this country, bring back the economy, bring back security, we can provide jobs for our teeming youths, our women can be empowered, insecurity can become something of the past if you support PDP.

I call on you journalists, to present the scorecard of APC and let us see it. We should not be selective in what we report let us take Nigeria as a whole; how do you measure development, what was the level of poverty at that time, and what was the inflation rate then? These are facts that you must tell the general public so that they will know that they need an alternative and the only alternative is PDP because we have done it before and we will do it again.”

Dignitaries present at the prayer include In attendants the state PDP secretary, Alh. AbdulRazaq Lawal, the PDP Candidate for House of Representatives, Ilorin East/South, Hon. Wahab Oladimeji Issa, Hon, Hajia Sikirat Anako, the Kwara Central Senatorial Chairman Alh. Owolabi, Hajia Sara Adebayo,

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