Biden places blame of Afghanistan collapse on Afghan military, government leaders

🔴The US president has defended his country’s successes in Afghanistan, removing the Taliban and breaking Al Qaeda.

But Mr. Biden says the US was “never supposed to have been nation-building” or “creating a unified, centralized democracy”

Joe Biden insisted he had to honor Donald Trump’s agreement, and the ceasefire, or face opening another lengthy conflict with the Taliban.

“I stand squarely behind my decision. There was never a good time to withdraw US forces”

Biden adds: “The truth is this did unfold more quickly than we anticipated.

But he accuses Afghan leaders of “giving up and fleeing the country” and says the Afghan army “did not try to fight”

The US president says the Afghan government ignored his advice to work out a political settlement withtheir e Taliban.

“Mr. Ghani insisted that the Afghan forces would fight. But obviously, he was wrong”

The US president warns the Taliban not to put the lives of Americans at risk in Kabul, saying that if the Taliban attack US personnel, the response will be “swift and forceful”

Mr. Biden also says that he is determined not to pass the burden of Afghanistan on the next president, pushing the conflict into a third decade.

“I’m the president of the United States. The buck stops with me”

Joe Biden says Washington will “continue to push for diplomacy” in Afghanistan

“I’ve been clear, human rights must be the center of our foreign policy, but the way to do it is not through endless military deployments

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