Be Fair to Your Daughter-in-law- Hon. Mopelola


Parents have been urged to be fair to their daughter-in-law to stem the rampaging waves of gender-based violence and ensure a stable family system and a peaceful society.

The statement was made by the Kwara State Commissioner for Women Affairs, Hon. Mopelola Abdulmaliq-Bashir while participating on a Royal F.M radio programme “Gbe Bi Ro”.

The commissioner observed that the persistent and recurring incidence of gender-based violence and marital disharmony are indications of poor parental guide, and abandonment of the socially imposed roles of parents in a budding family.

Hon. Mopelola furthered that it is not always easy for parents to give the hands of their daughters out in marriage especially to someone who resides outside their domain, but that they have no option due to some socially constructed realities.

These socially constructed realities Mopelola enthused has made cross-cultural marriages possible.

Referencing the recent case of Mrs Yetunde Balogun’s death, the Hon. Commissioner enthused that the rampant cases of suicide and other premeditated deaths are signs that family structure is collapsing.

Hon. Mopelola therefore used the medium to urge parents and relations to show maximum love and support to their daughter-in-laws to rescue the family system from collapsing.


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