Barca chief Laporta says European Super League could start in 2025

Barcelona president Joan Laporta, on Thursday said he believes a European Super League could be up and running from 2025 if a key court ruling goes in the project’s favour.

A suit alleging football governing bodies UEFA and FIFA had abused their power when they threatened to expel clubs or players who joined a proposed Super League is awaiting a verdict from the European Court of Justice.

European football was rocked in 2021 by an attempt by 12 clubs to set up a Super League, but after a backlash by fans and governments, most pulled out of the project.

Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus have continued to insist on a potential Super League, despite disapproval from various quarters.

“In March or April we will have the verdict from the European Court of Justice,” Laporta said.

“The Super League will be an open competition. I would not have entered in this project if the competition was not open.”

Laporta said he wanted clubs to have the capability of governing themselves and that UEFA could also have a seat at the table.

“If the resolution is favourable, I think the Super League (could start) in 2025,” he added.

Real Madrid president Florentino Perez, who presented the initial Super League project in 2021, said in October last year that football was “sick” and that a European Super League could revive it.

The “big six” Premier League clubs — Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham — were part of the initial 12 clubs that proposed the breakaway project.

However they pulled out, pledging not to join the project again, and Laporta suggested the Super League could operate as a rival to the English top flight.

Laporta also predicted that it would “end up with a fusion down the line” between the potential European Super League and the Premier League.

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