ATCIS Advocacy Leads to Suspension of MTN-Glo Disconnection Approval by NCC

The Association of Telephone Cable Tv and Internet Subscribers of Nigeria (ATCIS) applauds the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) for suspending the approval granted to MTN to disconnect Glo subscribers. The dispute, a long-standing interconnection debt issue, has seen positive progress due to ATCIS’s advocacy efforts.

National President of ATCIS, Hon. Sina Bilesanmi, expressed gratitude to the NCC for swiftly responding to the advocacy letter, highlighting the suspension of MTN’s approval to disconnect Glo subscribers as a result of ATCIS’s efforts.

In a press release made available to Just Event Online TV on Friday

Bilesanmi disclosed that ATCIS, with its 226 million membership spread across Nigeria, had written letters on January 11, 2024, to key stakeholders, including the CEOs of MTN and Glo, regulators, and other relevant parties. The advocacy body’s intervention led to the positive development observed.

The ATCIS President acknowledged the importance of information sharing between NCC and telecom subscribers, emphasizing a collaborative partnership for a progressive telecom sector. He assured NCC of ATCIS’s readiness to work together for the success of the industry.

Bilesanmi urged NCC, Network Operators, Lagos State Consumer Protection Agency, and Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) to defend the rights of telecom subscribers in Nigeria. He also thanked NCC, stakeholders, and journalists for their roles in the December 2023 Hangout and announced that the 2024 edition would take place in Edo State.

Recalling the NCC’s approval for MTN to commence phased disconnection of Glo on January 8, 2024, due to an interconnection debt dispute, Bilesanmi highlighted that the suspension came in response to telecom subscriber advocacy impact and the country’s economic interest.

The NCC’s statement revealed that the suspension, lasting for 21 days from January 17th to February 6th, 2024, was to allow MTN and Glo to resolve outstanding issues. The resolution was achieved within this period, showcasing the regulatory body’s commitment to protecting consumers’ interests.

ATCIS, as a leading consumer advocacy body, has made remarkable strides with 327 successful programs and achievements aimed at enhancing the experience of telephone, cable TV, and internet subscribers nationwide. The body’s financial report indicates an expenditure of 789 million naira till date, sourced from member donations, loans, and support from 9mobile Operator.

ATCIS’s impact goes beyond national borders, receiving 25 awards from various entities globally. Bilesanmi emphasized the obligation of Mobile Network Operators and licensees to adhere to their licenses’ terms and conditions and respect subscribers as the focal point of their services.

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