Ameliorators International Initiatives and Saliu Mustapha Foundation Host Youth Parliamentary Workshop on “Youth Engagement in Politics: Promoting Education and Democratic Values”


In a groundbreaking event aimed at empowering the next generation of leaders, Ameliorators International Initiatives, in collaboration with the Saliu Mustapha Foundation, organized a Youth Parliamentary Workshop under the theme: “Youth Engagement in Politics: Promoting Education and Democratic Values.” The workshop featured esteemed guest speakers and culminated in a youth-led parliamentary session.

The workshop’s keynote speakers included Professor Abdulraheem Modupe Nimatallah, who delivered an insightful presentation on “Safeguarding Democracy: The Legal Framework for Protecting Civic Rights and Upholding Democratic Values.” Professor Nimatallah emphasized the importance of a robust legal framework in maintaining democratic principles and protecting civic rights, urging young people to stay informed and engaged in political processes.

Comrade Abdulateef Ishowo inspired attendees with his talk on “Unleashing The Power of Youth: Fostering Active Participation and Leadership (A Case Study of the Not Too Young to Run Bill).” Comrade Ishowo highlighted the successes and challenges of the Not Too Young to Run Bill, advocating for greater youth involvement in politics and leadership roles.

Hon. Abdulkareem Abdulkareem concluded the speaker sessions with an informative discussion on “Crafting Legislation That Empowers: How Bills Become Laws.” His presentation demystified the legislative process, emphasizing the importance of crafting effective legislation that addresses the needs and aspirations of the populace.

Following the deliberations, participants engaged in a practical exercise by forming a youth parliament. In this simulated parliamentary session, they elected their leadership and debated pressing issues. The primary topic of discussion was “Climate Change and the Need for Everyone to Take Eco-Friendly Actions.”

The youth parliament demonstrated impressive leadership and environmental consciousness by passing a resolution that called for collective eco-friendly actions to combat climate change.The workshop was a resounding success, providing young participants with invaluable knowledge and practical experience in political engagement and legislative processes. The event underscored the vital role of youth in shaping a democratic and sustainable future.

Not less than 75 Youths across various campuses in Nigeria attended the workshop.

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