Alhaji Garuba Adebayo Inspires Young Talent at Kwara Talent Harvest Boot Camp


In a vibrant display of mentorship and wisdom, Alhaji Garuba Adebayo, a distinguished Ilorin-born philanthropist, business magnate,  General Manager Mr B Technology Communications and politician, graced the Kwara Talent Harvest (KTH) boot camp with his presence. As a figure known for his entrepreneurial prowess, Alhaji Adebayo shared his remarkable journey, recounting the inception of his telecommunications empire during his early twenties.

The KTH boot camp, a gathering of young, gifted individuals from various corners of Nigeria, has been a beacon of talent development for over four years. Throughout its existence, this organization has nurtured and honed the diverse skills of countless Nigerian youths.

During his address to the eager contestants, Alhaji Adebayo emphasized the importance of clarity in purpose, urging them to embrace their talents wholeheartedly while remaining steadfast in their vision. He emphasized that entrepreneurship offers a unique avenue to bid farewell to poverty, highlighting the crucial role of mentorship in every endeavor.

“In your pursuit,” Alhaji Adebayo advised, “ensure you are resolute in your focus, embracing your talents fully and remaining connected to your goals. Remember, consultation is key in every venture you undertake.”


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