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A Joyous and Meaningful Naming Ceremony of Engr Kazeem Jatto’s Son in Ilorin


On a pleasant day in Ilorin, the enchanting Saka Saka street of Odota was filled with joy and laughter as family, friends, and distinguished guests gathered to celebrate the naming ceremony of Yusuf Adebayo, the beloved son of Engr and Mrs Kazeem Ahmed Jatto. The event, held on Saturday , turned out to be a remarkable occasion, attracting the crème de la crème from various professions, making it a significant and memorable affair.

One of the event’s highlights was the powerful lecture delivered by Sheikh Abdullahi Imam-Jatto With wisdom and eloquence, he emphasized the importance of parental responsibility in nurturing the future generation. Sheikh Abdullahi’s words struck a chord with all in attendance, resonating deeply as he underscored the role parents play in safeguarding the nation from potential calamities.

Following the prayer ceremony, the celebration continued with a delightful feast fit for royalty. Guests from far and near were treated like kings and queens

The naming ceremony of Yusuf Adebayo was not just a social event but also a celebration of love, responsibility, and the hope for a bright future. It symbolized the unity and support of family and friends, leaving lasting memories in the hearts of all who were present.

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