2027 Guber : Kwara North Group Rejects Micro Zoning Says Competency should be prioritize


Kwara North Advancement Group under the leadership of Comr Ibrahim Dauda Kpoatwua on Saturday rejected the proposed micro zoning of governorship ticket in 2027

This was disclosed during a press conference with Newsmen in Ilorin

The group chairman , Comr Ibrahim said the undersigned, being members of the Kwara North Unity Forum, wish to sound a note of caution on some section of our region, Kwara North, against ethnic or regional agitations or rhetorics that are capable of distabilising the cherished peace and harmony of Kwara state.

Instead, at this time, what should be paramount in the minds of everyone is the progress of a peaceful, prosperous and united Kwara governed by the best of us irrespective of ethnic and religious backgrounds.

We believe in a Kwara State that transcends the narrow confines of regional interests, aiming instead for a holistic development agenda driven by competence, integrity, and an unyielding commitment to the common good.

The echoes of regional advocacy, while grounded in the legitimate rights of the affected people, must not evolve into barriers that fragment our state along parochial lines. The interests of Kwara as a whole cannot, and should not, be sacrificed on the altar of regionalism. The 21st century beckons with challenges and opportunities that demand we prioritize skill, ability, and a proven track record above all else. Sentiments, while deeply human, must not be the yardstick for leadership selection in our beloved state.

As the youth of Kwara North, the future we envision is one where competence is the currency of governance. We are poised to support leaders who exhibit not only the acumen to govern but also the independence to make decisions free from undue influences.

It is in this spirit that we assert our openness to embrace candidates from any part of the state, including the Kwara North, provided they stand tall in the arenas of competence and integrity.

The electoral battleground of 2027 will not be a theater of ethnic or religious segmentation but a platform for rigorous evaluation of what each candidate brings to the table. It will be a time when the people of Kwara, aimed with their votes, will have the power to chart the course of their destiny, choosing leaders not by where they come from or whom they pray to but by their vision, capability, and commitment to serve.

Let us not forget the lessons history has taught us, where voting along regional and religious lines has led many a state and nation down the path of discord, underdevelopment, and despair. Kwara cannot afford to tread this perilous path. We stand at a critical juncture, where our choices can either propel us towards unprecedented growth and unity or plunge us into the chasms of division and stagnation.

Therefore, we call upon all Kwarans, young and old, from the north to the south and central to join us in this noble quest for a Kwara that is governed not by the sentiments of the few but by the competencies of the worthy. Together, let us build a state that future generations will be proud to inherit, a Kwara that is truly united, prosperous, and just.

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