14.3 million Nigerians abuse drugs — NDLEA

The  National Drug Law Enforcement Agency has said that approximately, 14.3 million Nigerians are involved in drug abuse.

The agency said the 14.3 million Nigerian drug abusers are within the age range of 15 and 64 years, adding that more women are now involved.

The Ogun state Commander of the NDLEA, Ibiba Odili, stated this during the Launch of the War Against Drug Abuse in collaboration with Lions clubs international, held in Abeokuta.

Odili lamented the alarming trend of the involvement of women in drug abuse in the country, saying one in four is a woman.

She explained that  Nigeria transformed from a mere transit country for drug trafficking to a major consumer and even producer of illicit substances.

She further said that the survey revealed that, young people were getting creative and innovative in finding new ways to get high.

She added that they now abuse household substances like methylated spirit, glue, nail polish, paint thinner, fermented urine, and even the heads of matches, as this contributes to the complexity of the drug abuse issue.

Odili warned about the dire consequences of drug production, especially substances like methamphetamine.

She explained that regions involved in producing such drugs may suffer from various forms of cancer and other terminal diseases within a decade or two.

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